Hello, I’m Beddy the truck and this is my cousin LinQy, welcome to our website!

Here, you'll find lots of information on road safety and how to stay safe around trucks and lorries. Drivers find it difficult to see you when they're high up in a truck so it is important to always keep your distance so that the driver can see you easily.

With the help of our family, we are going to teach you about stopping distances, blind spots, trucks reversing, crossing the road, riding safely on your bike and lots more.

If you go to our fun stuff area, you'll also find games and quizzes to teach you about this as well.

Beddy says, “Don’t Speed!” LinQy says, “Please!”

Beddy says dont speed, LinQy says please... Click Here Games and puzzles... Click Here to play Where are we?... Click Here to find out
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