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RnB Direct Mail
Handling Your tabbing Labelling And Affixing Requirements

Here at RnB Direct Mail we are constantly looking to improve our service to you. We have recently added a new Tabber/Labeller/Stamp Affixer to our growing plant list, allowing us to tab, label and affix one piece mailers, envelopes and postcards and more to an even higher standard than you are accustomed to!

If you need any of the following for upcoming mailings please get in touch with us at or 0113 2100 055:

  • Stamp affixing - onto envelopes, one piece mailers, BRE'S and many more

  • Affixing Tabs or Discs onto one-piece mailers, brochures or even CD/DVD wallets

  • Self-Adhesive Address Labels - can also be applied to a wide range of materials including
    envelopes, postcards, carrier sheets and other materials

Fast, but controlled.

Stamps? Yes. Labels? Yes. Clear, Translucent, or Paper tabs? Yes.

It can apply up to three tabs per pass and can apply multiple stamps at one time!

It can handle material 13mm thick. It also tabs from the front or back

RnB Direct Mail

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About Us

RnB Direct Mail was founded in 2005 by Ryan Metcalf and Bob Rhodes to provide a single solution for customers marketing needs.

The ethos from the outset has been to continually drive the business forward and offer the latest solutions for our clients to take advantage of.

Year-on-year we have invested to ensure we can deliver the most effective campaigns and return the best ROI. Having built up a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations we are able to offer a wide portfolio of services to meet our clients demands.

Based just outside Leeds city centre, our production facility encompasses all our services, from data services, personalisation, enclosing and storage.