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Through our continued investment program, we have recently increased our lasering capacity to over 500,000 records a day. RnB Direct Mail now also offer high-speed, high-volume, continuous-form lasering meaning we can now provide you with a solution that’s flexible, reliable and even more cost-effective.

From the cut-sheet side, we have installed a further 7 x HP 9050DN Laser Printers taking our cut sheet capacity to nearly 300,000 records a day. With the ability to handle sheet sizes from A5 to SRA3, we are able to produce a wide variety of different designs to suit your needs.

With tight budgets and the need for jobs to be turned around even quicker, we have installed 2 x IBM InfoPrint 4000’s meaning we can offer simplex and duplex lasering. Outputting up to 40,000 records an hour for both simplex and duplex work, our service is now more responsive and faster to meet your direct mail requirements. Our machines can handle paper sizes from 8” to 18” wide and 7” to 22” deep and can also take special finish stocks such as:
  • Remoist glue
  • Spot UV varnish
  • Pattern perfs
  • Die cut
  • Specialist inks
  • Integral cards/labels
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About Us

RnB Direct Mail was founded in 2005 by Ryan Metcalf and Bob Rhodes to provide a single solution for customers marketing needs.

The ethos from the outset has been to continually drive the business forward and offer the latest solutions for our clients to take advantage of.

Year-on-year we have invested to ensure we can deliver the most effective campaigns and return the best ROI. Having built up a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations we are able to offer a wide portfolio of services to meet our clients demands.

Based just outside Leeds city centre, our production facility encompasses all our services, from data services, personalisation, enclosing and storage.