Beddy's School Visit

Beddy School Visit

As well as launching and hosting this website which aims to help parents, teachers and children learn about road safety together, Bedfords also organises school visits where the children can have a thorough look around the inside and outside of a truck and understand the dangers a large vehicle poses in a real life situation.

The visits we have organised so far have been very successful, enjoyable and most of all memorable for the children. To see where we've been go to the "Out and About" area of the website.

Bedfords also provides all the children with hi-visibility reflective vests to wear on future school outings and other little gifts to help them remember the day.


  • How long will the visit/lesson last?
    The visits tend to last between 1 - 2 hours, but we can be flexible to suit your arrangements.
  • Who leads the visit/lesson and are they CRB checked?
    A member of staff from Bedfords Transport who is CRB checked will lead the class but a teacher will be required as well.

  • Does the visit cost the school anything?
    The visits are completely free of charge.

  • What space/area does the visit require?
    As we will be bringing a large truck, the majority of the lesson will take place outdoors so we would recommend allocating a large area such as the school playing field or playground so that the children can have a look around the truck but are away from the road.

  • How many children should take part in one visit?
    We would recommend teaching one class at a time, with ideally 10 -30 children.

If you would like to organise a visit, please click here to fill out the form on "contact us" and we will get in touch.

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