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Beddy visits…Harrogate

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Today as Emily and I were delivering The Daily Mail newspapers in Harrogate, we had the chance to visit the world famous Betty’s Tea Rooms.

After delivering the papers for so long we were in desperate need of a drink and something to eat, so we decided to pop into Betty’s. Betty’s Tea Rooms has been running since 1919, that’s over 90 years! I bet they’ve made over one billion cups of tea.

Emily and I were enjoying our cups of teas and I was rather enjoying my delicious scone with jam and cream, while Emily enjoyed eating her yummy shortbread. But before long, our wonderful time in Harrogate had come to an end and we had to set off to deliver the Daily Mail newspapers to another town. On our way Emily said, “I cannot wait to come back for some more shortbread, yum!”

Beddy visits…Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Having been to Chester Zoo and seen all the amazing wildlife, today I went slightly north and visited Yorkshire’s Wildlife Park.

Emily and I stopped off on our Daily Mail deliveries and loved seeing all the animals, my favourite were the lions. They look cute but when they roar they can be very scary!

It is great to see different parts of the country on our deliveries and makes travelling much more fun when we can go to new places.

Beddy visits…Whitby

Friday, February 11th, 2011

This week I visited Whitby on my newspaper deliveries, a sea side town not far away from Scarborough where I went earlier in the summer.

Whitby is famous for its Abbey on top of the hill, which was built a very long time ago and unfortunately is only a ruin now because most of it has fallen down. To get to the Abbey you have to climb up 199 steps!

I had a really nice time in Whitby, although it was a little windy. I would like to go back and visit again; make sure you look out for me and say hello.

Beddy visits…Dover

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Me and Lilly delivered newspapers for the Daily Mail a really long way away today, we went to Dover. Dover is on the South coast of England, below London.

One of the main reasons people go to Dover is so they can go on holiday to France. There is a port in Dover where all the ferries take people who want to go across the English Channel, the bit of sea at the bottom of the country that joins France. You can go on a ferry and in 1 hour and ½ you can be in France.

Dover is also famous for its white cliffs. These are big cliffs about 100 metres tall made of chalk which is what makes them white. They are the last thing you see before you go across the sea and they’re very pretty.


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