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Beddy & LinQy visit…Sutton Hoo

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Today, LinQy and I went to Sutton Hoo. A long long time ago, hundreds and hundreds of years before now, there were people here, and they were very different to us!

There were kings, and knights, who had battles and treasure. Me and LinQy saw some of the swords, and the armour that these people used!

Of course, it is very old now, but I could imagine what it was like! This was very interesting.

Beddy visits…the White Cliffs of Dover!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

At the bottom of England, next to the sea, there are some big cliffs. The cliffs at Dover are different to everywhere else, because they are completely white! They are called the White Cliffs of Dover, and they are very famous! Before aeroplanes had been invented, people left England on boats. The White Cliffs of Dover were the last piece of England that people saw, and the first bit they could see when they got back. I didn’t know that on a clear day, you can see them all the way from France!


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