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Beddy Visits… Stoke On Trent

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Stoke on Trent was the birth place to Captain Edward John Smith. He was the captain of one of the worlds most famous ships the RMS Titanic. The Titanic was the largest passenger ship of her time and was deemed “virtually unsinkable” but on Sunday April 14th 1912 at 23.40pm The RMS Titanic hit an iceberg, within a few hours the Titanic had sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the most famous stories surrounding the Titanic was the ships band played on as the ship was sinking trying to calm the passengers they stayed with the ship until the end. These men were very brave, I hope all of you are celebrating the maiden voyage and terrible short life of the RMS Titanic this week as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Beddy visits… Southampton

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I’ve been bowling in Southampton on the world’s oldest bowling green which is over 700 years old. It’s not the kind of bowling where you try to knock down pins, but where you roll a ball as close as possible to a smaller ball. It’s a fun game to play in the garden.

There is also a marina in Southampton which often has cruise ships that set sail from the docks, the QE2 and the Titanic have sailed from here. It’s great to stand on the beach and wave to people going on their travels. I had better get back on mine…


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